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The Kerr Companies

SEC CRD# 277142

CA DOI# 0J02932

Investment advisory services offered through Kerr Financial Planning Corporation DBA: Kerr Wealth Management, A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

Insurance services offered through Kerr Insurance Broekrs, Inc. A licensed commercial insurance brokerage and employee benefits consulting firm.

Bind orders cannot be left via voicemail. Trade orders cannot be left via voicemail. Nothing on this website should be considered advice whether legal, financial or otherwise. The Kerr Companies is the marketing site for other Kerr Company sites. 


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About Us

Envisioning a world in which small businesses have a better chance to start, run and grow their business. Our dream - make business solutions, wealth management and insurance affordable and accessible for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses and entrepreneurs grow their business, protect their business and build substantial wealth along the way. 

The Kerr Companies is making it easier for small and midsize businesses to adopt outsourcing services, financial services, commercial insurance and third party administration.

Our goal - take back from the big national providers of the industry who are solely focused on shareholders, gouge customers with hidden fees and force customers to deal with 800 numbers and mediocrity. 

Since 2008 we have carefully built our business in response to customer demands. Our integrated approach has now evolved to a full service platform that includes all aspects of our clients needs including: payroll, HR, retirement planning, retirement plan administration, commercial insurance and wealth management. Through these verticals we offer an unparalleled service at a better price then our competitors. 

Our History

The Kerr Companies is possibly the fastest growing local provider of business solutions, insurance and fee-only financial services in Fresno, CA. With over 1,000 customers throughout California and the nation. The Kerr Companies is headquartered in Fresno CA, home to the Fresno State Bulldogs, Yosemite National Park and the Fresno Grizzlies. Our prominent location help us access thousands of small businesses, farming operations and professionals.


Our founders and staff bring a level of professional experience and diversity that no other Fresno Ca provider can offer.

Our Founders

Our founder's Andrew Kerr and Rebecca Kerr both come from similar backgrounds. Grass roots, hard working and self supporting. 

Rebecca is an accountancy graduate from Fresno State University. Prior to becoming a partner, Rebecca was the general manager of the Piccadilly Hotel's in Fresno, CA. With her 10 years of hospitality Rebecca brings sophistication and broad experience. With over 17 years of operations management and risk management she is an integral part of our company. Rebecca has a deep understanding of loss control, claims management, operational hazards, business organization and legal contracts.

Andrew attended Santa Monica College and Penn State University. Prior to forming The Kerr Companies he was an amateur professional cyclist and competed in races across the country. Following his retirement in the cycling world he went to work for SCF Securities, A regional stock brokerage firm and AAA Corporate where he gained insight to the world of high level finance. Andrew has fostered a specialty for the financial planning process, active portfolio management, wealth management techniques and the tax system. Fast forward to today, Andrew and Rebecca have formed a powerhouse of an operation comprised of three distinct service companies:

  1. Kerr Insurance Brokers, Inc. 

  2. Kerr Wealth Management (Inc.)

  3. Kerr Payroll Solutions, LLC

Collectively, The Kerr Companies offer's an unparalleled  experience. From personal wealth management to integrated payroll solutions our companies offer a solution for busy executives, small businesses, employees and the high net worth. 

We thank you for browsing our website and hope you enjoy reading about our story. Below is a brief timeline of our company history.

Historical Timeline