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Planning and advice

From personal financial planning, retirement plans to accounting and payroll we can help you and your business with many financial goals. More than anyone, business owners need a sound approach, integrating their personal goals while building a bullet proof business is where we start.

Straightforward pricing

With multi-service discounts, a fee-only approach to financial advice with Certified Financial Planners (CFP), accounting and limited to no broker fees on commercial insurance, we help you build confidence and help your money reach further.

Strong customer service

We treat our customers like family, because we are a family business. Quick personal service, local support, accountability. Check our google reviews below to see what customers say about us.

Integrating your financial life and business helps us develop a straightforward approach.

Fee-only Financial Advisory

Fee-Only financial advisory services from Certified Financial Planners (CFP). Services include comprehensive financial plans, retirement planning and investment management for professionals, affluent, business owners and 401(k) plan participants.

Accounting Services

Full service payroll, payroll tax, 401(k) tax returns, 5500 filings, retirement plan administration, bookkeeping and financial reporting. Our Fresno, CA accountants are quickbook experts and utilize a modern cloud based payroll system  that interacts with your HR and employees. Efficient with quarterly tax filings and reporting, we do not let our clients miss important tax deadlines. Together with our advisory team we can help reduce costs, and help you grow your business.

Risk Management 

Reducing risk is important when you run a business. Having the right commercial insurance broker is key. Kerr Insurance Brokers provides access to over 125 commercial insurance carriers and specializes in workers compensation, business owner policies, general liability, fleet (commercial auto), professional liability and much more. Spanning across 35 industries the insurance brokers at Kerr offer 25 years of collective experience.

Give yourself and your employees a delightful experience.


From google to yelp our company is five star rated. We think it has something to do with our great customer service and effectiveness. Our clients are our family, without them, we have no business. Do you think the big national providers and internet companies have your best interest in mind? Unless you enjoy working with an 800 number, you might just find the Kerr way to be a delightful local experience...

Fast on-boarding

Your business and employees can be setup in minutes.

Advice, not a constant sales pitch

You need a support team, not a constant salesman. The Kerr Companies platform educates, creates real value and solve problems with real solutions.

Full service

From tax returns, payroll taxes, investment management and insurance reporting to your regulatory filings, the team at Kerr Companies in Fresno, CA operate with your best interest in mind. Trained professionals in various finance, accounting and insurance specialties make us your comprehensive powerhouse.

Real customer support

As a local company in Fresno, CA many of our customers rely on a personal relationship. We extend our 5 star service track record to you. Check out our google reviews.

Multi-service discounts

Combine workers compensation with payroll and eliminate broker fees, setup fees and get other discounts on your payroll services.

Employer and Business Owner Solutions

​Integrated business solutions for your small business.

  • Business planning.

  • Business developement.

  • Full-service payroll.

  • High-level and affordable bookkeeping.

  • Retirement plans (401(k), SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA)

  • Payroll Tax Services.

  • Business Insurance.

  • Workers Compnesation.

  • Employee Benefits.

Individual Solutions

Holistic Wealth Management Solutions

  • Personalized financial planning.

  • Tax minimization planning.

  • Retirement planning.

  • Investment portfolio management.

  • Cash flow planning.

  • Insurance planning.

  • Social security optimization.

  • and more.



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